A new way to sell on eBay!

Let a valet sell your items for you - you get paid.



How it works:
Choose how you give us your items: ship them to us in a free postage paid box, let a valet pick them up from you at your home or office, or drop them off at a local retail location.
A trusted team of selling professionals handles everything - taking photos, describing your items on eBay, answering any questions and shipping to buyers.
You'll get paid 70% of the sale proceeds in your PayPal account. And if you don't have a PayPal account, don't worry. You can open a PayPal account later.
Get started today and let valets do all the work for you!
Once your item sells, you get 70% of the proceeds. See terms of use.


What type of items can I send in?

Look around your house - the items that sell best on eBay are everywhere: electronics, collectibles, musical instruments, brand name clothing, shoes and handbags...the list is extensive. Valets accept new and gently used items in excellent condition.
Items in poor condition (stains, not working, damaged) or with a retail value of less than $25 will not be accepted.

Are there any costs to use this program?
There is no fee to mail-in, drop-off or schedule a pick-up.
30% is deducted from sale proceeds.
What happens to my items that do not sell?
Any items that aren't listed or don't sell can be returned to you for a nominal shipping charge. The charge for an order that was mailed in is $10 and for an order that was picked up is $25. The shipping charge will be deducted from the funds owed to you.
What determines how much my items sell for?
Valets will determine the best price and format to list your item. Lower auction starting prices will draw bidders in from a global community of 100+ million members and help you get the highest price for your items.
Is a selling fee or percentage of the sale proceeds deducted from my total sales earnings?
Yes, there will be a 30% fee deducted from the total sales of your items.

*Average selling price is based on sale of all listings of product displayed on ebay.com in the last 180 days. Your items may sell for a different price.
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